All and Even More About Writing or How to Make Yourself Write

Shining Electric Bulbs

What do you feel when you sit at the table and get ready to write? Can you sense your thought shaping and gradually turning into a picture which you are going to describe? This feeling can be very sudden, but sharp and strong. Being heavy, massive and so warm, it can last for quite a long period of time, until you reconstruct it word by word in a new file on your laptop. Whether it must be another original essay of yours or a poem you craft under an overwhelming impression, you definitely cannot but have that strange, unexplainable, nameless thing inside your mind and soul (if you believe in the latter).

Some call it inspiration or a muse. Some call it a divine gift. Whatever it is to you, you should not disregard it. I guess, it must be your individual talent. You know the thing which makes you unique or something like that. And you do need to let it breath, feed it and raise it, or it may just wither slowly inside you, leaving you with nothing but colorless reality. But tolerating that is unbearable, isn’t it?!

So, let us see what you can (yes, you can) do about your throbbing skill, which is probably hidden deeply but waiting to be revealed and applied properly. Well, of course, you can proceed with the excavations tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. But remember that the winds of your everyday routine will bring more and more sand, burying your wish to write under it forever.

Don’t like this metaphor? Then go create a new file and consult our blog for some writing prompts!


At First, Let Us Get to Know Each Other a Bit Better

We tell you, we are really happy to launch this project, and we hope it will fulfill the mission our team pinned on it. There are not many of us in a nice cozy office where we generate our ideas and bring them into life: just a few writers and web developers. Actually, the circumstances which made us gather and rent an apartment to work on this and some other projects are really too different and tangled to be described here in a rather limited number of words.

We are those who are called friends of friends of somebody’s friends. But this seems even funnier. In everyday life we are tutors, bloggers, authors and programmers. And we somehow joined our enthusiasm, knowledge and skills to share with you what we have learnt from our experience. Together with you we are going to explore the theory and practice of the art of high-quality and diverse writing, as well as many other interesting tips and tricks. So, here we go!

Discover Your Writing Potential and Know What to Do with It

How often are you struck with sudden, spontaneous ideas which make you look for a pen and sheet of paper so hysterically that people try to change their places on the bus in order not to catch your “writer’s fever”? Well, Ray Bradbury claimed that his Fahrenheit 451 was composed of numerous notes, but that was not his very first novel after all. It is not easy to turn a thought into a story, so understandable and familiar to millions of people (or at least to your college professor). And you know it. Revealing your true potential and its powers can take some time. And we can teach you how you can manage this process and enjoy its results.


Learn Helpful Writing Tricks and How to Use Them

Writing is both an art and a science. It has its rules, regulations and axioms. Of course, they get more obvious when we are speaking about academic articles, dissertation or just college essays. However, they may appear almost powerless when you are writing a poem, sitting on the stairs and holding your notebook on your knees. Still, as any other art and science, writing has its secrets. Would you like to know them? Alright! Then you are in the right place and at the right time! We have selected and continue discovering a lot of interesting things. So, do not miss them!

Check Effective Strategies to Fight with Writing Difficulties

Lack of inspiration or writer’s block are not the only roadblocks on the way to your success, though they are quite powerful obstacles as well. With our blog you will learn how to overcome various difficulties on the writing process, starting with time management in terms of big texts and finishing with inappropriate stylistic devices which are better to avoid if you do not want to lose your readers.

Learn to Understand Your Readers Whoever They Are

Yes, your audience must be important to you. You should understand who is going to read your work. Even if it is not a very narrow circle of people but the literate part of the mankind, still you need to realize what worries them all and you as well. Sounds challenging? Find the answers in our blog!