About AuthorsBookshop.com:

AuthorsBookshop.com is an online bookstore dedicated to selling self-published, independently published and small-press published books. We have created a home for indie books that is friendly, helpful and profitable for authors and small presses. It is also a great place for book buyers who want to feel good about where their books are coming from.

In addition to selling independent books, AuthorsBookshop.com is a clearinghouse of information on self-publishing. Visit our Publishing Resource Center and our Publishing Forum for info on getting your manuscript into print. We provide networking opportunities as well as tools and information that will help you along the tough road that leads to selling your first book, and then help you continue to succeed as a book-selling author.

Why are we doing this? Frankly, because we love books. And we love people who write books. And we love people who read books. The big booksellers have taken too much advantage of both writers and readers for too long. We have taken the power out of their hands and placed it squarely in yours.

Brad Grochowski – President / Founder AuthorsBookshop.com

I live in a quiet little rowhouse in Baltimore MD with my wife and two year old daughter. I had written and published my first book, The Secret Weakness of Dragons and really wanted to get it online. I got it on one of the Giant Online Booksellers, which was great. But they were taking almost 60% of the cover price of my book! Around the same time, I had been talking to friends who had also self-published, and we were wondering why there was no one who could offer a better deal than that. And on top of that, the giant online bookseller got to set all the terms for every part of the process – and believe me, they do not seem to have the little guys in mind.

So – I set up a merchant account, and built the website. Not only have I built a place to sell my own book online, but I am inviting all authors and small presses to join me. I want AuthorsBookshop.com to be a place where you are proud to be independent. We do everything with the independent author in mind, and we listen to our booksellers and bookbuyers with the goal of making AuthorsBookshop.com the best place to buy and sell books online.