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It happens that you are given the task to write an essay, but you cannot force yourself to write anything. Sometimes the reason is laziness and reluctance, but more often the problem is in an absence of inspiration. Professional essay writers believe that it is not necessary to start, if there is no inspiration – such approach will not bring you a good text. However, you need to send something to your professor! Unfortunately, “no muse came today” is not a valid reason for not doing the paper. Here you face a problem that sounds like “where to find an inspiration?” There are a few tips that may seem trivial, but they will certainly help.

Write About Your Interests

This is the main rule of any writer: to write for fun, not for the sake of writing something. If you have a free essay topic, it is just perfect. You will both complete the task and not torture yourself with a boring topic. First of all, such genre as an essay is perfect for the freedom to express your own opinion on any subject. If you like poetry by Lord Byron – write the reasons why you find it wonderful, what is special about his poems. If you have a hobby, such as hiking or swimming or anything else, you may tell about your achievements and why such an interest appeared in your life.

What Excites You at The Moment

Take a topic that excites you at the moment. You can somehow disguise the subject. For example, if you have problems with your parents, let us suppose strained relationship, then you can write about the eternal question of the relationship between parents and children. At least, you will not only do your paper, but you will have an opportunity to think about your own problem and analyze it. Another example, you have passed a course on Robotics in college, and you are very interested in it. If you are excited about this topic, you will be looking for information on Robotics in any case. In this situation, why not to combine business with pleasure? You may lay out your thoughts and ideas about the development of this field in the essay.

Wait for The Night

It sounds silly, but it works! Scientists have proved that brain activity is much higher at night, especially if you are an “owl” You have probably noticed a few times that you become a genius of creativity at night. This is not only because of the features of the human brain, but also because at this time of the day no one bothers you, no external factors distract your attention. Also, stay a little bit romantic. The night is such a beautiful and mystical time.

Performing A Presentation

Watch The Surroundings

You do not need to go somewhere far away to find inspiration. Look around, life gives you thousands of topics for reflection. You can find an idea, even if you just sit on a bench in the park and feed the pigeons. In general, observation is one of the main methods of professional writers. If you want not only to write an essay, but write something more creative, observing the people will help you to gather up a collection of characters and different types of human behavior.

Watch a TV Series or Go to an Exhibition

A good way to find inspiration is to take a break. Turn on Netflix, watch some TV series, go to an exhibition or read a book. Yes, on one hand, it will look like procrastination, but on the other hand, such breaks are sources of ideas! For instance, you may watch a show where there are mentioned some philosophical questions, like the issue of good and evil. Usually, the show informs you of a definite opinion. You can agree with it or on the contrary, to be disturbed by such a vision of things. This is a great topic for an essay. The same situation appears, if you go to an exhibition of art. You can write about the author, about the topics of his paintings; there are a lot of variants.

If You Have a Topic

Your struggle becomes harder when you already have a topic for your essay. In the worst case, your topic seems to be completely uninteresting. In this situation, even a strong desire to get an A not always will motivate you to write about the things you do not like. The only solution is just to start writing. However, there is a little trick. Find out some aspects that will be of interesting for you. For example, the essay topic is famous writer`s biography. Usually, you write the basic facts and the dry statistics in such papers. Time to go deeper! Maybe, this writer was a compulsive gambler, who sold all his property to the pawnshop; he was a noble rowdy, who kept the whole city in suspense. Even the most genius writers have some extraordinary facts about them that you need to find out!

Draw a Mind Map

This is not the best way to look for inspiration, but the intellect maps will help you to structure your thoughts and create new ideas. When you break the main topic into smaller pieces, it will be easier for you to navigate the subject. Maybe, you will allocate a certain aspect that you think is interesting.

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