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Without any exaggeration, one of the most popular topics which students discuss is their free time and its lack. Many young people complain that they have not enough rest and fun in their life. They cannot build relationships with others, study successfully and develop their personal skills.

Why exactly do college students claim that there is no free time in their lives? Probably, the main reason is the wrong time-management or even the absence of it. That is why students look for useful tips which are suitable exactly for them and can help them to manage their time correctly to prevent tiredness.

Explain Its Importance

As many young people ignore the necessity of time management skills and planning their day, you should persuade them that it is important. Use reasonable and reliable arguments. Mention different spheres of students’ life from relationships with parents to the combination of part-time job and study. It is a good idea to add several trustworthy examples from your personal experience. Describe how a well-thought schedule helped you to deal with some troubles. For example, you presented a huge research project on time and got teacher’s compliment. It will inspire students to do a similar plan. They will know which benefits it may bring and how much free time they will get thanks to it.

Several Prompts for Young People

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Your next step should be the presentation of tips for young people who wish to save their time. Remember that it is better to write down only those things which have helped you personally. In this way, you will not confuse your readers which make efforts to implement one of your strategies but get no results. First of all, your pieces of advice should be useful for the audience. Explain things in a clear and friendly manner. Such posts usually look more trustworthy.

Detailed Daily Schedule

While completing your daily schedule, it is essential to take lots of details into account. It is important to think about some issues which can occur unexpectedly, for example, traffic jams which mean you have to spend more time than you planned. So, you should always try to be far-sighted and flexible. In this way, you will be able to predict several troubles and prevent ruining your schedule. Sometimes it is a good idea to come up with different variants of your schedule and change them from day to day according to circumstances.

Reduce Time-Wasters

The next step is to get rid of time-wasters. You cannot even imagine how many of them you have in your life. Sometimes a student does not realize which thing or activity takes away their free time and makes them stressed or tired. It may be your TV which you want to watch for one or two hours but then spend the whole day in front of it because of an amusing show. Or the typical situation: it is when you find yourself sitting in front of the laptop whole night, simply chatting or scrolling down the news. It happens that young people cannot cope with their home assignments because of these activities. That is why it is vitally important to indicate and reduce the time you waste on them.

Checking E-Mail

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The typical way of wasting your time is checking e-mails every hour and responding to them instantly. Of course, sometimes it is important to give a quick answer. However, in most cases, there is no need to check the e-mail too often. You can do it in the morning and in the evening in order to keep everything in the right order. Indicate the time when you can respond to all letters and do it only once a day. It will greatly save your time.

Prefer Important Tasks

It is essential to be able to deal with the most difficult tasks first of all, while you have enough energy and time for them. Then, you can proceed with smaller assignments. Doing so, you will always meet deadlines. The common mistake of some students is the fact that they postpone significant tasks and trying to cope with less important things. As a result, they simply have no strengths and desire to work on complicated projects. Strict priorities are the keys to getting more free time.


Your main target is not just to work a lot but also to take enough breaks. It is vital for boosting your energy and improving the productivity. Remember that you will not be able to do your job effectively when you are tired. However, an hour of good relaxation may greatly inspire you to work or study. That is why you should always dedicate some time to your rest in the daily schedule. Who knows, maybe, this is the thing which can reduce your stress and bring you more free time.

This topic is incredibly significant for modern young people. Many of us even try to combine study with a part-time job. Hence, we often suffer from the absolute absence of free time, which leads to anxiety and stress.

You have a wonderful opportunity to help such students by posting an article with tips and hints which you tested on your own. Do not forget that college students are the special audience and you should find the right approach to them. In the next post, we will present the topic related to study strategies and ways to describe them properly in your blog.

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