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Usually, the most difficult thing is to write an essay, but many people have more difficulties with the headers. You might think: “Why do I need a headline to write my paper?”. In fact, the title is a crucial element of essay writing. If you are writing a school paper, but then you want to put it somewhere on your blog or web page, it is worth to think about the headline. Working on the title is a creative process. Of course, a headline must meet certain requirements. Only the header is able to attract the attention. In order to create the initial understanding of the paper, the title must be closely related to the content. And you should already have the content, information for which you learned to find in our previous article.

The Title Is a Key Element of the Text

The heading of the paper is its key element. The first impression of the text mostly depends on its structure and style. If you write an essay to hand over to your professor, you may not work hard on it, but be sure that a bright header will not be left without attention. The most important function of the title is to catch the reader’s attention. It helps the reader to get an idea about the content of the material in a few seconds. The title shows the most important and interesting information. This is especially important, if you are writing an essay for a blog. Research provides numerous examples of how an unsuccessful title drastically reduces the impact on the reader: as a result, an informative article with an expressionless title is not noticed and therefore, is not read. On the contrary, a bright and styled header increases the efficiency of the perception of the essay.

Header Options

The task for the essay writer is to focus the reader’s attention on a particular aspect of the problem. The reader first sees your heading: it is the first step in the adverse communication between the author and a recipient. It is like a trial version of the paper: the title focuses the attention on the subject of the essay.

  • One of the most important functions is the nominative function. This means that the recipient must understand what text is about after reading the title, what topic is the text dedicated to (politics, economy, sports, music, medicine, etc.). To come up with a good headline you need to identify the main topic of your essay and some aspects of the problem. For example, if you have an essay about a political debate, it is better to mention a particular topic in the headline. It is not enough just to devote the title to politics as a whole – there are plenty of public activities; you need to specify the dimension you need. Often, you advance some important idea, affirm or deny something during the analysis of a particular problem in an essay. In this case, the title can reflect your main idea.
  • One more function of the title is to attract attention and separate different materials. Have you seen at least one essay without a title? In addition, it is a structural unit that helps to separate one material from another, and it also makes your text expressive. Admit it, you often go to the movies and read books solely because of their names. Such titles like «Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas» and «Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? » at least sounds intriguing. Yes, as a result, the film may be boring, but naming has done its work – you have read the book / gone to the cinema.

Many Magazines

The Headline Depends on the Platform

Consider the platform specifics. If you have written an excellent essay, why should you not share it with the world? When you write for a school, you can come up with a striking headline, but if you plan to publish it on the Internet, it is necessary to know the rules of creating such titles. There are thousands of resources about SEO optimization of pages, but this is a technical component. Let us consider the creative one. It is not necessary to lay out all the interesting facts in the title. Network users force themselves to read the long texts, and with each passing year, it becomes more difficult. The user will never read the article itself, if he learns about the “who, what, where, when” from the title. Generally, there are two main types of headers: an intriguing and an informative. The intrigue is always an interesting trick, but do not go overboard. If you do not understand the topic of the essay from the title, then it is definitely not successful. For the Internet it is better to use information headers. The reader should not solve a quest in the headline in order to understand what your essay is about.

The Title Should Match the Topic

During the creation of the title, you have to consider how it will sound, what idea it is representing, whether it contains some ambiguous meaning and so on. As a rule, the creation of a title starts with defining the essence of the problem, about which you will write. It is important to place accents, determine what is the main thing. For example, you write an essay on history, but somewhere in the text economy was mentioned. The main topic of your paper is still history and it should be displayed in the header.

The Title Should Match the Content

The main function of the header is to give an idea about the content of the essay. Of course, a tricky title is an important thing, because it attracts the attention to the paper. Although, the author must not cheat the recipient with the heading. It is a commonplace disrespect to the addressee. For example, it would be a pity when you are ordering a paid article focusing on the title, and you will get a paper where a completely different aspect of the problem will be considered. When the title is based on an irrelevant information, it becomes provocative: the reader expects to see certain information, reads the material and stays disappointed. An opposite situation is more common at college. You write a correct heading, but the text begins to move away from the stated topic.

Intriguing or Informative

An important feature of the title is its originality, imagery, wit. Informative headlines suit more for essays on complex subjects. You will not make a good joke about a marketing strategy. Intriguing titles include the elements of satire, irony, humor. Such elements are not typical for articles on the economic topic. Although if you want your title of an essay to express your critical attitude to the subject, it is possible to use elements of satire. When the title is ready, you need to re-read it from the point of view of the reader: did you understand it, is it interesting, do you want to read more?

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