Street Riot

You may do your essay writing on any topic you like. You can come up with something to write about by yourself, the topic can be given by your professor, or it may be connected with your college classes. Sometimes you can face a challenge and take a complex subject to write on, and not a banal essay about some celebrity. Everyone understands differently the concept of the term “complex.” Someone thinks that Fermat’s last theorem is a task for kindergarteners. In the context of essay writing, we understand a complex topic as a very controversial, which may cause debates It is a painful issue for society. For example, such topics include terrorism, discrimination, slave trade and other unpleasant phenomena of the modern world. Even professional essay writers and journalists have difficulties with writing about this, but sometimes it is worth to accept the challenge. You already know how to find inspiration from our previous article, so now direct it towards a good complex topic.

Preparation: Choose A Topic

The first thing to do is to choose a theme. Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative phenomena in our world, which bring not only moral, but also physical harm to people. On the other hand, this gives a large number of topics. Severe problems can be found in almost every field of activity of the modern world. First, choose the field that you are interested in. For example, you are fond of computers and internet social networks. Define how the globalization affects the society and what its negative manifestations are. For example, thanks to the social networks, you can face different types of aggression on the internet: cyberbullying, trolling, shaming, etc. Thousands of people are exposed to cyber violence, but often we do not speak out loud about it.

Why This Topic Is Relevant

The easiest way to write is about the things that are relevant at the moment. Here you play a role of an eyewitness. The essay is a good occasion to express your point of view on your subject issue. The modern world seems to have become insane: international terrorist attacks, wars, protests at the global level, and at the local level – violence in every form. Choose a topic that is discussed in the media at the moment. For example, the racial discrimination. Today this problem is very serious in the United States. In Charlotte, NC, there are protests against racial stereotypes. Whether or not you are the witness of this riot, there is a huge amount of information on a variety of resources, so you will not have problems with the sources. Bring historical information about how such a conflict appeared. In fact, it is not only important, but it is also necessary to talk about severe social issues, because the problem will not be solved by itself.

It Is Time to Look for The Facts!


Established facts are the most important elements in writing such type of essay. If you can rely on your own experience or historical information in common essays, it is important to have arguments and strong proofs. Otherwise, your essay will look like an allegation without examples and real facts. First, you need to find information on the topic. It can be both academic literature and articles in newspapers or from the Internet media. However, you need to verify the authenticity of the source, because there is a risk of getting false information. You should not only describe the current situation, but also analyze the history of the conflict. For example, the phenomenon of terrorism is rooted in the history. It has not only religious, but also social and political reasons. The analysis of these aspects will make the essay more relevant.

Pile of Books

Consider All Points of View

Remember that every problem has two sides of the coin, and sometimes even five sides. It may sound strange, but each side of the conflict has its own strong reasons, and each side is convinced that they are right. This is the essence of any clash. Each one is sure that the truth is on his side and those others are fools and simply do not understand the obvious things. Writing relevant topics consists of a demonstration of all positions and opinions, regardless of whether you like them or not. At least if you write a persuasive essay, just present all the views, and then prove who is wrong. Most often you describe a problem in the first paragraph of the essay: the appearance of an issue, a few facts from history and so on. Here you also can add that there are people in our society who advocate for or against a particular thesis. Just briefly describe the essence of the conflict and the different positions.

News, Not Views

There is the phrase “news, not views” in the American news journalism. Although the genre of the essay suggests just the author’s vision, this phrase is relevant to the issue of essay writing on a complex topic. What does it mean? If you want to write a high-quality essay and not turn it into a kind of tabloid – watch your style and the content of the paper. Your task is to bring the problem to the reader, instead of throwing allegations. Yes, your opinion is certainly one of the key elements of an essay, but try to keep calm even if you really care about this topic. It is important that your opinion needs to be supported by arguments and examples.

Remember About Tolerance

This rule follows from the previous one. The main difficulty in the writing of the unpleasant issues is not to offend any party to the conflict. Public opinion is a very scary thing especially in an era of globalization. In addition, even if it is a standard college essay, be careful with your statements. Your essay will not be left without attention, if you write that there is a need to torture kittens. In the best case, you will be simply sent to the psychologist, in the worst – your harsh words may get publicity. There were a lot of cases when people were fired because of their posts on social networks. Do you need such a problem?

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