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Have you ever faced a situation, when you were given a complex topic for an essay, and it was very wide? There are a lot of ideas in your head, but it is typical to reveal only one or two problems in the essay. You do not know how to start essay writing and just put it off until better times. The fact is that the ideas and objectives randomly hang about in your head. It is necessary to arrange them in groups to see the whole problem, look at it “from above.” This can be done with the help of mind maps. They help to activate both hemispheres of the brain and create a structure of ideas. This will allow you to see the complete picture.

Visual Map of Your Thoughts

A mind map is a great tool for the visualization of the information. It is a logical block diagram that contains the key element and a number of associated sub-elements. If you try to write your ideas on a sheet of paper and indicate how they relate to each other with the arrows, you will get a more complete view. Paint the lines and arrows in different colors, draw some small pictures and icons. Such an approach will be useful for the better understanding of the information. You will clarify the problem or task in the form of the algorithm. Drawing a mind map was invented by Tony Buzan – English psychologist, who was looking for ways how to make the brain work faster and more productively all his life. His method has spread rapidly and now you can find various programs and services for drawing maps on the screen of your gadget. In general, it does not matter where you create your map – on your mobile device, on the personal computer or manually on the paper.

Why Does It Work?

Creating a mind map is the process of thinking itself. It combines two types of activity – creative and analytical abilities, which are responsible for the different hemispheres of the brain. The right half is responsible for spatial orientation, imagination, and thinking, while the left one is for the analysis and logic. When you start walking around the room or draw something in a notebook during a complex explanation, this is an unconscious attempt to make both hemispheres of the brain work. The mind map helps in the same way: in the process of its creation, you engage both brain hemispheres. In the result, your brain works harder, and more neurons are involved in the thinking process. Thus, the memory capacity becomes bigger, and your perception is increasing.

Map of Your Thoughts Is Useful for Everything

A mind map is not only suitable for brainstorming and structuring ideas and thoughts, but also for the essay writing. Multicolored cards help students as well. Many professors in universities (especially, on art specialization) advise their students to draw such structures and schemes in order to organize the knowledge. This method is suitable also for solving personal and professional problems. A mind map helps the brain to get involved in the issue, fully embrace it and remember more aspects of the topic. This can be useful for the solution of any problem from learning a historical text to the development of a startup.


Drawing on Paper

First Step: Buy Some Crayons

Drawing a map of thoughts is not only useful, but also fun. Before you pick up a pencil you need to define the main subject of the essay. For example, let us consider a social network. Take a sheet of paper, better if it is of the A3 format, but A4 will fit too. In the center draw a cloud with the main topic in it. It should be as simple and generic as possible. Then the process of thinking begins. Write down everything that comes to your mind. Write problems and ideas that somehow relate to the topic around the main cloud. For instance, social networks may consist of trends in the development, creation, the negative effects and positive impact on society. Connect the main issue and extra elements with thick lines. In order to make it easy use pencils of different colors. This is necessary not only for better visual perception. Colors are also needed to group the branches and to determine the degree of importance. Repeat the following steps several times.  As a result, you will get a tree of your ideas. After that, you will probably see some new features of your topic.

Your Map Can Be More Effective

There are a few tips to make the map more effective:

  • Sign the branches with the keywords. It will be easier to understand the relations between different branches.
  • Visualize the information. If you can draw a picture instead of a text or insert an image, do it. A picture can replace a thousand words. Unusual and grotesque images are perceived better than understandable images. Also, it is not necessary to draw a masterpiece. Nobody expects an artwork from you. Sketches should be fine.
  • Do not focus on a single topic. If you have no ideas, then move to another topic.

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